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Tongue Bay - Whitsunday Island

Tongue Bay Whitsunday Island

Tongue Bay - The Gateway to Whitehaven Beach

To get to the world famous Hill Inlet Lookout, vessels need to find a parking space in Tongue Bay. This bay can be busy with many tours arriving and going throughout the day. Our tours work with each other to minimize the amount of people in the area at one time. One of the really good features of Tongue Bay is that it is well protected from the South East trade winds, so therefore it provides calm waters for most of the year.

From the beach at Tongue Bay, its a short 15-20 minute steady incline to the Lookout Point. Please note that from the beach some steeper stone stairs need to be taken before arriving on the walking track. Once at the lookout stare in amazement at the swirling sands of Whitehaven Beach below. No two visits are the same with the tides pushing the fine silica sand into different patterns. 

Don't forget a bottle of water and make sure you have your camera ready for an epic photo!

Tongue Bay Bush Walk

The beach at Tongue Bay starts the bush walk to Whitehaven beach.

Lookout Whitehaven Beach

The view from the other side of Tongue Bay is spectacular