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langford island

Langford Island is another crew favorite. With a long tidal stretch of beach hugging a fringing reef teeming with turtles. Langford's sand spit goes from being fully exposed when the tide is low and being over 1km in length, to being covered as the tide rises leaving just a small beach area. It is wonderful to get to Langford after the tide has receded and be the first person to put footprints in the sand. 

Langford is also a favourite location to watch the sunset. Picture yourself, sitting on the beach, eating pre-dinner snacks and enjoying a drink all while watching the sunset over the horizon. 

In 2018, a new short walk up to a viewing platform was built on Langford Island. As you walk up the track and onto the platform, an unexpected surprise is the Whitsunday Bottle Tree, a native and unique to the Whitsundays. This tree can grow to 12 metres in height and has a wide trunk like a bottle that can store water. 

Langford Island Walking Track

Its a gentle walk to the lookout surrounded by tropical forest

Langford Island Lookout

The viewing platform from the top of Langford Island